The adventures of literacy from northern Ghana to Canberra

"What do these photos tell you about children's perspectives of literacy?", I asked a recipient of crowdfunding rewards I recently sent. He has them displayed on his fridge in Canberra. 

"Belief in knowledge. Literacy as a way of improving quality of life in its most fundamental way. The enjoyment of a book, the ability to share experiences in written forms. The man reading the book looks engrossed in it. The person practicing writing (latin characters) amidst a dust or concrete floor is animated, in motion. Conveys that writing is a part of life and an important one". 

I ran a crowdfunding campaign early this year to support the exhibition of 28 photographs taken by out of school children in northern Ghana. These photographs are part of my doctoral research data, one aspect of which is exploring how literacy can travel via photographs. 

Young children's perspective of literacies

Full circle.

In 2012, UNICEF Australia published the photographs of five out of school children I worked with in northern Ghana. I piloted a participatory M&E method that involved asking children to document their everyday lives with digital cameras. In 2016, I'm at the final stage of my PhD that was inspired by these children and their unique perspectives on everyday life, schooling and literacy. Facebook reminded me of this "memory" from four years ago. I had almost forgotten about some of these photographs, but not the memory that launched my PhD research topic for which I just finished my Completion Seminar; the penultimate event before submitting. 

You can view each of the albums below: