Picturing literacy, education, and global development: What I'm reading

I want to put together a weekly post of links to photography, education, and global development, particularly when all three intersect. 

Developing world education is failing, it's time to open up to the private sector - Challenging article in the Guardian that is a little short on examples and evidence, but strong on message. Long story short, I don't think we have enough evidence on private sector approaches to schooling in a development context. Education is an ideological battleground, but it is also an empirical and research-based one. 

At What Point Does A Fundraising Ad Go Too Far? - Following on from the #DexPix chat a while ago, NPR Goats & Soda suggests that poverty porn is back. However, I think it never really left, and has largely changed its form. 

Syrian army photographer describes torture and murder in Assad’s prisons - From the Guardian. "The photographer, identified only by his codename Caesar, is now a refugee in Europe and fears he will be 'eliminated' for the most damaging exposure of Syrian state violence since the uprising began in 2011, according to a book by the French journalist Garance le Caisne".

Humans of Syria - I really like this series from IRIN that doesn't position refugees as hapless migrants, but as people, who are educated, professional, and ambitious. It is a very good example of using photography and stories to change perspectives and narratives.

London-centric - A fascinating look from above of London from the BBC.