Adventures of literacy: The world sport in northern Ghana

When asked to document their perspectives of literacy, the participating boys from both communities produced images of football jerseys. The alphabetic letters form the name of famous football players with their positional number below. Xavi, van Persie, Drogba and Ronaldo. These are jerseys that have been donated from outside of Ghana, but find their way to second-hand shops in towns like Tamale and Savelugu in northern Ghana. The boys know the players' names, and are able to sound out the Spanish, Dutch, Ivorian and Brazilian names. 

I sent these photographs to a friend in Sydney who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign. He tweeted back, having arranged the images in a 2x3 grid. I asked him what these images tell him about the children's perspectives of literacy. He replied, "literacy is local languages through chalk and global brands on the back of shirts. The children understand what's around them, regardless of where it comes from".